Since 2011, I am an active member of International Union of Mail Art (IUOMA). Under IUOMA, I attend many mail art projects and exhibitions regularly and also exchange my mail arts with other artists around the globe.

I am curating an international mail art project 'Another Brick in the Wall of Hope'   different places in Singapore.

 Another Brick in the Wall of Hope

"Another Brick in the Wall of HOPE” is a conceptual mail art project that is the result of a collaborative effort from international artists. Springing from the theme of “HOPE”, the project has come to life through exhibition in public spaces.

The project, and the collective sense of hope, has been growing. With each brick-sized art work mailed from an artist across the world, there is an expansion on the theme of hope. Each brick represents an individual expression of the artist’s life and hopes.

Collectively, the bricks represent a more universal perspective, shared in a wall of HOPE. This act of collaboration and shared perspectives on a common theme is a key concept of this project.
No rules or restrictions were placed on the artists, besides the size of each artwork; 23x11 cm, the size of a brick. Materials and techniques depend purely on the artists’ preferences.

"Another Brick in the Wall of HOPE" project was initiated in January 2013 in Singapore. The project and expressions of hope are still flooding in with art works received from around the globe.

Exhibitions List:
  • 2012 -Liang Court, Solo Exhibition and  Installation, Singapore
  • 2013-Conclave Gallery, Nostra 2 Collective Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2015- The Mill x WeJungle, in DESTRUCTION & REBIRTH Creative Collective Project, Singapore.