Each tiny detail of life is part of who we are.  Becoming united with these small pieces makes life meaningful.  By combining details of both micro and macro worlds in various media, my artwork reflects this unity, while also revealing the mysteries hidden in the details. 

I investigate the micro and macro with a deep-level vision, rather than limiting my view to the world seen with the naked eye.  By entering deeper into physical visual qualities, I am able to focus on the details of the structures of living biological mechanisms which disappear in our lives. 

My work juxtaposes the perception of reality with an undiscovered awareness of experiences of the moment that are hidden in everyday details.  It depicts visual stories of mystical worlds that elude discovery in everyday life.  Informed by influences of minimalism that I experience in Asia, my latest works re-interpret and simplify these stories.

Ink, acrylic, pen, and other chemical elements are the types of media I use, synergistically, on natural textured surfaces.